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Get the team from No Fuss House Washing to clean up at your place.

Before and after a visit from No Fuss House Washing.

Dirty Slimy paths are unsightly and dangerous. 

Commercial Roof Cleaning

No Fuss House Washing and Exterior Cleaning

No Fuss House Washing provides external cleaning services throughout the Waikato and Tauranga regions.  Our services include commercial and residential house washing, pest control, the maintenance of decks, driveways and fences, roof treatment, windows and guttering.

Washing the exterior of buildings on a regular basis keeps your property looking good, and protects surfaces from breaking down due to the effects of moss, lichen and mould.  We have years of experience in exterior cleaning, you can be confident that your property will be looked after like it was our own.


What people are saying about No Fuss House Washing

I would definitely recommend No Fuss as it has saved us money and upkeep on multiple properties over the past 4 years.  The house is kept lovely and clean and has meant that there is no moss or dirt build up so the house always looks new and keeps its street appeal.  This year we have also had an internal spray (after sighting a few whitetails!!).  It was amazing at how instantaneously it fixed the problem! No flies, no spiders, no webs - anywhere.  Its also safe for the kids and pets which makes it even better.  Will definitely be getting that done again!

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