An exterior spider, fly and cockroach treatment will keep those little critters off your house and will help keep your house looking great for longer. Having the exterior treatment done will keep the cobwebs off your house but you still will have pesky flies buzzing around inside your house.


Ultimately to stop spiders, cockroaches and flies it is best to have both an internal and an external treatment done. An exterior treatment will prevent bugs coming into your house but it will not stop every single one.  The bugs needs to be in contact with the treatment to have any effect.  An internal treatment will prevent bugs, flies and spiders from having a surface they are happy to rest on. The advantages of having both the internal and external treatment done is that you house will be cobweb free and you will not have flies buzzing around inside your house.


The process that we use is harmless and is safer than insect despensers.  It is safe for your children and pets

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